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October 17, 112

Rules of the FAI

· Rule 1. NAME
(a) The Name of The Association shall be CUMANN PEILE na h-EIREANN or in the English Language: THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND, hereinafter referred to as “The FAI”

(b) The FAI is a company limited by gaurantee and not having a share capital.

(c) Copies of the memorandum & Articles of Association are available to the members of The Association for inspection at the offices of The Association, subject to suitable noticebeing given.

· Rule 2. OFFICES
The principal offices of The Association shall be in the County of Dublin.


The objectives for which the association is established are: –

(a) To promote, foster and develop, in all its branches, the game of Association Football in Ireland, and to take such steps as may be deemed necessary or advisable for preventing infringements of the Rules of The Association and the Laws of the Game, or improper methods or practices in the game and for protecting it from abuses and to do such things as are conducive to the attainment of the objects herein mentioned as the Council may determine.

(b) The Association shall affiliate to UEFA and FIFA and be bound by their rules, regulations and statutes.


In the interpretation of these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings so defined; and words importing the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa, words importing the masculine includes the feminine and words importing persons shall include bodies Corporate.

(a) The words “The Association” or the “FAI” shall mean the Football Association of Ireland.

(b) “The Council” means the National Council of the FAI.

(c) “The Honorary Officers” shall mean the Honorary President; The Honorary Vice-President, The Honorary Secretary, The Honorary Treasurer and The Honorary Chairman of the National League of Ireland.

(d) “Junior Council” means The Junior Council of the FAI.

(e) “The Board” means the Board of Management of the FAI.

(f) Members of The Association shall mean:

(1) National Associations; Divisional Associations and Leagues who have affiliated to the FAI.

(2) Clubs in Leagues who are currently affiliated to their Divisional Association.

(3) Players who are currently registered to play for their Club on League Registration Forms obtainable from a member League.

(4) Other members who may be appointed by the Council from time to time.

(g) “Participant” means an affiliated Association, League, Club, Club Official, Player, Official, Match Official and all such persons who are from time to time participating in any activity sanctioned either directly or indirectly by The Association.

(h) “Official” means any official, director, secretary, servant or representative of an affiliated body.

(i) “Manager” means the Official of a Club responsible for selecting a Club team.

(j) “Match” means a football match sanctioned by The Association or an Affiliated Body.

(k) “Match Officials” means referees and assistant referees and includes reserve officials and fourth officials.

(l) “The League” means the FAI National League.

(m) “Divisional Associations” shall include the Councils of such Divisional Associations.

(n) “Affiliates” shall mean other affiliated National & Provincial Bodies.

(o) “The Society” means the Irish Soccer Referees Society.

(p) “General Secretary” shall mean the General Secretary of The Association.

(q) “Days” shall exclude Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.

(a) Divisional Associations, Affiliates, leagues, and The Society in membership of The Association shall pay the prescribed annual affiliation fee, set from time to time by the AGM of the Association, on or before the 31st December in any year.

(b) Clubs shall pay the prescribed annual FAI affiliation fee to their appropriate Divisional association of Affiliate on or before a date to be determined by that Divisional association or Affiliate, who shall pass on the fee to the FAI on or before December 31st in any year.

(c) Members agree to be bound by the Rules of the FAI.

(d) Any member whose prescribed annual affiliation fee is not paid by 31st December in each year is liable to be suspended.

(e) A Club in an area not within the jurisdiction of any Divisional Association may be permitted to affiliate directly to The Association.

The Council may appoint Hon. Life Vice-Presidents at its opening meeting each season on the recommendation  of the Board.  No more than two appointments may be made at any one meeting.

(a) The Association may appoint Hon. Life Members season on the recommendation of the Board at the AGM.

(b) Members of the Council and/or the Junior council or other national Bodies who have given in aggregate 20 years service as a member of either Council shall be considered by the Board as eligible for Honorary life membership.

(c) the Board may recommend to the AGM that other members of The Association or other appropriate individuals may be appointed Honorary Life members.

(d) Such Membership shall entitle the holder to enjoy full privileges, such as stand accomodation and board room invitations to all representative matches played under the jurisdiction of The Association.


(a) Rulebooks of The Association shall be available from the office of the General Secretary at a reasonable commercial price to be set from time to time by that office.

(b) The Association accepts no respnsibility for the non-possession of rulebooks by Affiliates, nor can the non-possession be pleaded as ignorance of the Rules of The Association.

(a) The Rules of all National Associations, Divisional Associations, Affiliated Leagues and The Society must be in conformity with the rules of the FAI.  In the event of any discrepancy between the rules of the FAI and National Associations, Divisional Associations, Affiliated Leagues or The Society, the rules of the FAI will prevail.

(b) In the event that National Associations, Divisional Associations, Affiliated Leagues or The Society adopt rule changes or new rules at an AGM or EGM the said rule changes must be sent for approval to the General Secretary of the FAI within 14 days of the meeting effecting the said rule changes.

(c) The said rule changes shall be considered by a meeting of the Rules Commission of the FAI which shall be convened within 14 days of receipt of the said rule change(s) by the General Secretary of the FAI. The decision of the Rules Commission of the FAI shall be communicated in writing to the National Associations, Divisional Associations, Affiliated Leagues or The Society within 5 days of their decision.  Rejection by the Rules commission will in effect mean that the changes or rules cannot be implemented, until approval is granted.

(d) The Association shall have the power at any time to make inquiries into the working of such affiliates and to deal with same as it thinks fit.

(a) Approved printed rulebooks of all affiliates together with a list of the current membership of National Bodies, Divisional Associations, Leagues & The Society must be submitted to the General secretary by 1st November in any year.

(b) This list must include an analysis of status under the headings of Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Youth, Women’s, Schollboy, Schoolgirl and Grades of Referees.

(a) For the governments of Association Football, Ireland shall be divided into Divisions designated as Leinster, Munster, Connaught & Ulster.

(b) The Council shall have the power, with the consent of the Divisisions concerned, to vary the area and boundary of these divisions and/or to create new divisions.

Representation on the Council of the various Divisions shall be in accordance with rule.  Clubs or teams in Ireland not situated within the area of jurisdiction of a Divisional Association shall be under the direct control of The Association.


The Council of The Association shall consist of:

(a) The President of The Association

(b) The Vice-President of The Association

(c) The Hon. Treasurer of The Association

(d) The Hon. Secretary of The Association

(e) The Chairman of the F.A.I. National League

(f) 1 representative to be appointed by each club in membership of the Premier and First Division of the National League.

(g) 9 representatives to be appointed by the Leinster Football Association.

(h) 5 representatives to be appointed by the Munster Football Association.

(i) 1 representative to be appointed by the Connaught Football Association

(j) 1 representative to be appointed by the Ulster Football Association

(k) 2 representatives to be appointed by the FAI Junior Council

(l) 1 representative to be appointed by the Defence Forces

(m) 1 representative to be appointed by the Colleges Football Association

(n) 2 representatives to be appointed by the Schoolboys FAI

(o) 1 representative to be appointed by Irish Universities Football Union

(p) 2 representatives to be appointed by the Football Association of Irish Schools

(q) 2 representatives to be appointed by the Womens Football Association of Ireland

(r) The FAI Chiefs Referees Assessor

(s) 1 representative from the Irish Soccer Referees Society. (Total membership of council:56)

(t) In the case of death or resignation of a member of Council, the Club or affiliate concerned shall have the right to appoint a person to act in his place.

(u) In the event of a representative being unable to attend a Council Meeting, his nominating Club or Affiliate may appoint a substitute to attend that particular Council Meeting in his place, providing they notify the General Secretary of The Association in writing prior to the meeting.

(w) In relation to clause (f) to (s) inclusive, the representatives or substitutes appointed must be members of the affiliate that appoints them. The appointment of representatives must be notified to the General Secretary of The Association within one week after the Association’s AGM.

(x) A complete record of approved minutes of Board and standing committe meetinngs will be bound and distributed to Council members in advance of each meeting, together with the draft minutes of the previous Council meeting.

2. No person shall be eligible of being first appointed an Honorary Officer or a member of Council if at the time of appointment that person has attained the age of 70 years. An Honorary Officer or member of Council shall vacate office at the AGM after attaining the age of 75 years.


(a) The Council will elect a Board to manage the affairs of The Association and take such decisions as are necessary for the effective management and control of The Association in accordancewith the provisions of Rule 22.

(b) The Council will authorise the Board to appoint Standing Committes and to agree work programmes with them.

(c) The Council will authorise the Board and the Standing Committees to appoint Resource Groups, where necessary – such groups will deal with specific projects projects or issues, and will be purely temporary in nature.

(d) The Council will have the power to remove the Board and/or the Honorary Officers and/or any individual member of the Council by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting on a motion submitted 14 days in advance of a meeting of the Council and signed by at least 20 Council members.

(e) The Council will retain the power to elect Honorary Officers.

(f) The Council will establish written Codes of practice for its own members.

(g) Members of the Council will retain the privileges stated in the Codes of practice applicable to council members, unless the Council itself decides otherwise by majority vote.

(h) Every member of Council shall have the right of access, at all reasonable times, to the books, documents, accounts and vouchers of The Associaton and shall be entitked to reeive from The Council, the General Secretary or Hon. Treasurer such information and explanation as he may consider necessary in connection with an item or items of receipts and expenditure.

(i) the Council will meet a minimum of four times each year to discuss reports presented by the Board (including the activities of the various Standing committees) and to respond to requests for its views from the Board. The opening Council meetinng shall take place no earlier than 14 days after the AGM.

(j) Special meetings of the Council may be convened at the request of the Board or on receipt of a written request signed by 20 Council Members. A special meeting will transact the business specified in the notice convening that meeting.

(k) The quorum for Council meetings shall be one third (19) of the 56 members.

(l) The Council may fill any casual vacancy in the office of President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, or Auditors in accordance with the rules,

(m) The Financial Year of The Association shall end on 31st March each Year,

(n) The Council and/or the Board may order in their absolute discretion audits at any time.

(o) At any meeting, a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded on any question. A declaration by the President that a resolution has been carried, or carried unanimously, or by any particular majority or lost, or not carried by a particular majority or lost, or not carried by a particulary, and an entry to that effect made in the Minute Book of the proceedings of the Association, shall be sufficient evidence of the fact, without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded. A like declaration and entry of the result of the ballot shall have a like effect. A poll may may be demanded by not less than one-fifth of the duly nominated representatives present, and it shall be taken in such manner as may be determined by the President and the result of such poll shall be deemed to be resolution of The Association. A poll demanded on the election of a President or on the question of an adjournment shall be taken forthwith. Representatives may only give votes personally, and voting by proxy shall not be permitted. If any votes are given or counted at a meeting which shall afterwards be discovered to be improperly given or counted, the same shall not affect the validity of any resolution or thing passed or done at the meeting, unless the objection to such votes be taken at the samemeeting, and not in that case, unless the President shall then and there decide that the error is of sufficient magnitude to affect such resolution or thing.

Each representative, duly nominated, present and entitled to vote shall have one vote. the President shall have a casting vote only, and not an original vote.


(a) No Person other than a retiring Honorary Treasurer or Honorary Secretary shall be eligible for election to these offices unless, not later than 30th April in each year they have sent by Registered post to the General Secretary a nomination in writing signifying their candiature for such office. The nomination shall be signed by the candidate and by a proposer and seconder ( who shall be members of The Association).

(b) When an election is needed because an office-holder has reached the end of his term of office or a vacancy has occurred, the General Secretary shall summon a special meeting of the members of Council immediately after the AGM and submit the nominations of the candidates for the positions. If only one candidate is nominated for either position, he shall be declared elected on receiving a vote of the majority of those voting. In the event of there being more than one candidate for any office a vote shall be taken by those present at the meeting, and the candidate receiving an absolute majority of votes, after an elimination process is necessary, shall be declared elected.

(c) In the event of there being no nominations for the positions, the Special Meeting may fill any vacancy from the Membership of The Council or from suitable non-members. No other business shall be transacted at this meeting.

(d) The Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary elected under this Rule shall hold office until their successors are elected.


(a) On behalf of The Association to devise on a continuous basis the financial strategy of The Association. This strategy must be presented to the Finance Committee for discussion/input and subsequently to the Board for their approval or otherwise.

(b) To oversee the implementation of the financial strategy. The General Secretary will be responsible for its implementation.

(c) To oversee the management of The Associations funds. The General Secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the Management of The Asociation’s funds are carried out in accordance with the Honorary Treasurer’s requirements.